Tenant Enrolment

To become a tenant at the incubator, there are basic requirements you must meet. These apply to any individual or business wishing to become a part of the SPI programme.

No time to waste, start planning now! There is no set date for applications. The incubator considers applications on an on-going basis.

How does Incubation Work?

The reason the incubator exists is to make sure that new businesses that enter into the PGM jewellery manufacturing industry have little or no problems doing so.

It does this by providing opportunities and ways for these businesses to produce and deliver their products to the specified market / client. Without this support, start-up businesses and individual entrepreneurs would struggle to become reputable enterprises.

By providing incubation services, the SPI makes it easy for the tenants to have access to machinery, materials and markets. If you would like to become a tenant, the following are the steps you need to follow.

Phase 1: Initiation – The First Call

As a first step, you must present an idea - written down on paper. The idea is then examined to see if it can work in real life and whether as a business, it would be able to generate money for the owner and those who support and invest in it.

When the incubator is satisfied that the business basics are in place, a non-disclosure clause is signed between the fledgling enterprise and the SPI.

Phase 2: Project – getting on with it

Following the acceptance of the business idea and the signing of the non-disclosure documents, the enterprise then becomes a project of the SPI.

During this period, support and mentorship is given to start and run the business.

Methods and procedures required to run the business professionally are also established and put in place. A lot of hard work and planning has to be done by the entrepreneur or business partners during this phase.

They must make certain that they understand how to carry out their wishes as they are written in the proposal or business plan.

Phase 3: Tenant – set to go

From being a project, enterprises graduate into tenants, with registered businesses.

You can decide, based on your circumstances and preferences, to have your business physically located within the centre (with operations within the incubator premises).

Or be a virtual tenant (with premises in your chosen area of operation)with access to machinery and other services within the Centre as and when required

Tenant Exit Strategies – set to soar

Businesses are not expected to stay with the incubator for all their existence. As they grow and make profits, they must move on and make space for new upcoming ventures and ideas.The longest time they can stay is three years, after which a tenant should be able to operate without the help of the SPI.

Because of the support we provide, we are sure that when this time arrives, you’ll be set to soar – solo! The SPI setting is not just attractive, but beneficial for a small manufacturing jewellery studio in that it will help improve a company’s performance, experience and knowledge.

Through participating in SPI organized networking opportunities, tenants and industry workshops and conferences, clients are molded into world-class manufacturing enterprises and become a critical link in the platinum beneficiation value chain.